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Living Libations - Everybody loves the sunshine Zinc Beach Lotion 50 ml

Living Libations - Everybody loves the sunshine Zinc Beach Lotion 50 ml

Chemical and preservative free sunscreen to keep you safe from sunburn during beach fun!

Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Lotion is a suncare formula that masterly mixes zealous zinc with a bouquet of sun-skin harmonising botanicals to extend your outdoor play under the sun’s zenith and to keep your sun-kissed skin smooth and glowing.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Lotion is made with 20% non-nanoparticle uncoated zinc oxide and sun-loving essences distilled from plants that evolved to grow best in full sun. 

Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Lotion also contains five moisturising plant oils that are especially adept at harmonising the sun’s rays with our skin while providing a light, cooling canopy. High concentrations of sun-friendly flavonoids and carotenoids lend rich colors to some of these robust essences.

Use: Apply a few generous squirts to exposed skin and be extra diligent with your nose, chin and shoulders. Reapply at least every two hours and more frequently when the UV index is high and when you are sweating or swimming. Please note that healthy time in the sun, and the time to reapply this zinc formula, ranges for everyone depending on their skin type, base tan level and geographical location. If your skin starts to feel warm, you will know it is time to reapply or seek shade. 

We recommend to shake Zinc Lotion gently before each use.

What is zinc oxide?
Zinc oxide (ZnO) is an awesome option as a sunblock if we want to avoid toxic chemicals used in commercial sunscreens. It is a white, inorganic compound created from metallic zinc.  Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Beach Balm uses the purest form of zinc available, pharmaceutical grade.
Unlike nano-particle minerals and chemical sun blocks, zinc doesn’t interfere with the health or respiration of the skin. The molecular size of zinc particles is too large to be absorbed by the skin. Instead, it sits on top and absorbs sun rays, protecting the skin. 

Does the zinc oxide give skin a white sheen? 
Yes. Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Beach Balm does give skin from the palest to the darkest tones a white sheen, and as of right now this is unavoidable. Yet, if a person is seeking a skin-wise and natural sun block, zinc oxide is still the very best option. 

What about people of color and darker skin tones?
Zinc oxide will create a white or ashy cast on darker skin tones.

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