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Superboost.Me was born from a personal journey of natural healing that led to a desire to advocate holistic health and medicine. My name is Nina and I believe and have experienced that a large part of our health is entirely dependent on nutrients we provide our body with, which includes food and various supplemenation, (minerals, viamins, aminoacids, herbal tinctures).   Through my knowledge, education, strong passion and care for people, I am committed to help you boosting your health, wether for optimisation, prevention, or to heal existing conditions. 
At Superboost we are a family and friends run business, respecting nature and  in tune with modern life and its challenges. 
Superboost.Me provides superior alternative medicine and personalized attention for your toxin-free health management and guided lifestyle choices. Our selection of natural supplements are personally chosen from trusted and tried brands worldwide, that we tried and tested for years, and that are recommended by Industry pioneers like Anthony William. This selection process ensures that only high grade supplements that actually make a difference in our health and healing, make it onto the Superboost.me website.