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How to support the adrenal glands

How to support the adrenal glands

Dear friends, 

I hope you are all staying cool throughout this heatwave in Europe and drink plenty of coconut water, watermelon juice and cucumber juice to stay well hydrated!

As we know, intense heat can also trigger the production of adrenaline in our adrenal glands.

Lets start with a powerful quote:

“The amount of information inside a hormone is so vast, its like its own universe. Some of that information directs hormones to be guided by the energy of the body and plugged into the energy of the human soul. It’s why hormones are so tied up in emotions – and one reason why adrenaline is released when our soul is scared” Anthony William, Liver Rescue

The adrenal glands are key to good health and to successful healing. These relatively small organs, which are located left and right on top of both kidneys,  govern the endocrine system. This is why they are also called endocrine glands.

The adrenal glands produce hormones, especially stress hormones and sex hormones. One of the stress hormones they produce along side the well known cortisol, is adrenaline. There are 57 different blends to be precise. A certain amount of adrenaline is normal and keeps us motivated, it is what Anthony calls our “purpose plus”. Adrenaline can have many live saving functions too. 

But adrenaline in excess and especially toxic stress blends is the body’s own most toxic substance.  

When we are exposed to longterm stress in work, relationships with a lot of conflict, anger, loss of a loved one, or other factors such as adrenaline rush activities, fasting or longer hours between meals, coffee drinking, recreational drugs, alcohol: the adrenal glands start to produce excess adrenaline that is a different blend, which is toxic and corrosive to the nervous system, digestive tract, immune system and brain. 

Toxic adrenaline is extremely burdening to the liver, the organ is trying to absorb it all and neutralizes the adrenaline with complex chemical processes, so it does not cause damage within our body. This can lead to weight gain.

Excess adrenaline will cause damage to the central nervous system, digestive system (it lowers HCL production and causes the nerves in the colon to become overly sensitive) and brain. The excess and toxic adrenaline will also feed pathogens such as herpetic viruses and bacteria. 

Excess adrenaline is causing immense acidity in the body and will ultimately be one of the causes of osteoporosis, because the body pulls calcium from the bones to help buffer the acidity.

When adrenal glands have been under strain for a longer time, the adrenal glands start to behave erratic and produce adrenaline when they should not, in the evening or night and produce too little when needed during the daytime. 

Weakened adrenal glands also start to underproduce hormones such as those responsible for hair growth, as a result hair loss and even alopecia can develop.

Causes of excess adrenaline in the body:

  • Disables immune cells
  • Damages intestinal tract nerves
  • Damages the central nervous system
  • Lowers Hydrochloric acid production
  • Brainfog (forgetfulness, trouble concentrating)
  • Depression
  • Angst

Signs of adrenal imbalances: sudden tiredness during the day, cravings for salty food, hair loss, a weak immune system, lack of energy, sleep problems, weight gain, digestive issues, mood problems. And more severe problems such as Endocrine disorders, Addison disease, low sodium, sex hormone imbalances, etc.

When we heal any chronic illness, our adrenal health is critical to address. Once our adrenals are stable, healing is so much easier and less set backs are experienced.

The common term is “stress” is contributing to illness: the physicality of this is the toxic stress hormone. None of us can avoid stress, but we can take care of our bodies so our adrenal glands are supported, and minimise the damage by taking care of our liver and DETOX so the toxic adrenaline can be released.

Adrenals compensate for low blood sugar, this is why the regular snacking is so important: by snacking every 60-90min ideally on a mix of potassium, glucose and sodium, we provide the adrenals with the perfect nourishment and keep the blood sugar stable.

Today we are sharing Anthony William’s advise on how to heal the adrenal glands:

Most important foods:

  • Glucose from fruits, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash
  • Mineral salts from leafy greens and celery juice and lemons. Parsley is very powerful for adrenal healing!
  • Stay low in fat (fat consumption stimulates the adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline)
  • Eliminate coffee, matcha, green tea and dark chocolate. All contain forms of caffeine and stimulants.

Adrenal Snacks every 60-9 minutes: 

  1. Apple, celery and dates
  2. Orange, avocado and spinach
  3. Dates, banana and romaine lettuce
  4. Coconut water, banana and spinach
  5. Pear, mache and berries
  6. Berries, honey and celery juice
  7. Apples, dates and kale
  8. Grapes, banana and red leaf lettuce
  9. Cauliflower, apple and cucumber
  10. Watermelon with lime juice and celery juice on the side

Powerful supplements to support the adrenal glands:

Micro C - Vimergy
Spirulina - Vimergy
Magnesium Glycinate - Vimergy
Nettle Tincture - Vimergy
Ashwagandha Tincture - Vimergy
Licorice Root Tincture - Vimergy
Schisandra Berry Tincture – Nature’s Answer

Stay happy and healthy,

Love Nina

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