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The inspiration behind Superboost.Me

The inspiration behind Superboost.Me

Hello friends, we thought it is time to share the inspiration behind with you.

For years my health deteriorated and I could not figure out why. Symptom after symptom appeared, seemingly unrelated. Anxiety, joint pain, insomnia and neurological symptoms, hives, digestive problems, heart palpitations and brain fog are some examples.

Like many others I was desperate to find answers and seeked help with a long list of conventional western medicine doctors, traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists. Autoimmune illness was the explanation widely received from conventional and alternative medicine. But not one professional could tell me why this happened? Nor did the treatment plans bring lasting results.

During my quest to heal, I took great interest in nutrition and health. I read almost 50 books in an attempt to explore all available options and applied many modalities.

Early 2017 a good friend from LA recommended the book Medical Medium, by Anthony William. She said the approach in the book was different and offered a whole new perspective.

At the time I was weary and did not want more promises. I like science and am a practical and logical person. I want to know WHY and HOW. Long story short, I read the book in 2 days and had all the answers I had been searching for five years. This book explained root causes of inflammation, the effects of toxins, biochemical processes in the body, as well as new insights into viruses such as Eppstein Barr and Shingles, and various bacteria. Nothing I ever read before was explained in so much logical detail and resonated so deeply.

Anthony William is known on social media as the celery juice guy. But this is just a tiny aspect of a vast amount of medical information he provides for chronic symptoms and autoimmune diseases. In the books and podcasts answers are given to everything from arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, chronic back pain, liver problems, psoriasis, eczema, lupus, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, blood sugar problems, diabetes, brain fog, gut health and digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression, burn out symptoms, blood pressure, anemia and many more.

This is not a health trend, this is lasting new and advanced medical information that even many medical doctors now start to apply in their practice.

It took time and perseverance, but I was able to heal. I know now that my symptoms were actually caused by the Eppstein Barr Virus, as well as toxic heavy metals, not by a wrongly wired immune system. After so many years of diving deep into health, medicine and natural healing, I sought an education in herbal medicine and holistic health coaching, to be able to help empower and help others to turn around their health.

This is what led to SUPEBOOST.ME!

We needed one website that offers most of the recommended supplements. Vimergy, Natures Answer, Gaia Herbs, Silicium, Go Nutrient Iodine, Sovereign Silver, etc. But also oral care and skin care from brands that have integrity and work completely without preservatives and chemicals.

I love supplements, and I could not have achieved this level of healing without them. But we must always remember: the basic foundation is nutrition. Fresh fruits, leafy greens, wild herbs, and vegetables are medicine. As Anthony says: a juicer is a medical tool. We stand behind this statement 100%.

Love and health, Nina Deckers

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