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How to nourish our body during summer

Summer Health Tips

Brighter sun, bluer waters and cleaner skies: the grass really is greener in those stunning vacation spots from Apulia to Ibiza and Antiparos. Enjoy, let your hair down and get plenty of Vitamin Sea and healthy doses of sun!

The sun is enhancing every vitamin in our bodies and is very detoxifying, which is why some react sensitive: rashes, burns, and symptoms can flare up.

 Here some tips on how to feel your best and add some extra nourishment during those hot summer days and nights:

 Hydrate like crazy, and not just water:

· water melon juice and cucumber juice are deeply hydrating on a cellular level during sunny times and replenish plenty of lost trace minerals.

· pure Coconut water is an excellent source for electrolyte replenishment, we loose a lot of electrolytes in hot weather through constant sweating. We also socialize more in summer and some drink more alcohol in summer due to socializing. Replenishing electrolytes is crucial for stable health.

 Another simple trick if nothing else is available, is to always squeeze lemon in your still water for better hydration and mineral salts that the body needs during the heat. Remember: sparkling water is dehydrating. Still water is hydrating. Alcohol and coffee are dehydrating. Keep the balance. A long night of dancing and drinking, means extra hydration and electrolytes are necessary in the morning.

Fresh fruits provide ample hydration, vitamins, and valuable glucose to cool the heated body and brain. Fresh salads provide us with great minerals and mineral salts that our adrenal glands and brain needs especially during hot weather.


Holidays are the time for sunscreens, we often wear sunscreen all day. Kids, play, boats, beaches…plenty of activities in the sun and shade is not always attainable.

Did you know that the FDA and the European Commission only deemed two ingredients safe and effective to use for sunscreen?  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The chemical sunscreens used in all conventional products are found to have by far exceeded the allowed quantities and even weeks after not being used, those chemicals are still found in the bloodstream and urine samples. By wearing them in the heat all day with open pores, these chemicals are absorbed deep into the skin but also our organs.

Because we want you to stay healthy and happy, here some tips:

Coconut Oil provides factor 8-10 SPF. So for shorter exposure this will offer some protection.

For more protection: Living Libations Sunscreens are super clean and only use zinc as a sun protection, those provide a higher SPF. 100% chemical and preservative free!

Should you still get burned: by far the most effective after sun care is fresh aloe leaf! Cut the aloe leaf open and apply the gel straight on the burned areas every few hours. Irritated or burned skin will heal very fast. Leave the aloe in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Other good choices are: calendula cream and lemon juice (sounds counter intuitive, but it works).

Foods to help after a sunburn to revitalize the skin and heal from the inside:  Cucumber juice has a cooling effect and contains lots of silica to rebuild the damaged skin cells. Mangoes, and coconut water are great, as well as aloe water (aloe works internal and external for skin).

 We believe in listening to our bodies when tanning, instead of baking in the sun for hours, why not finding a nice shady spot between 12-4pm. In general its great to start slow and use the morning and late afternoon hours for tanning. When your skin feels prickly, its time to get out of the sun. No matter the factor of sunscreen. If you do feel yourself getting hot, of feel a headache coming on and tiredness: cool down in water or in the shade and listen to your body.

The sun ins immensely healing, but depending on the level of toxins in our body and the strength of our neurological and nervous system, dosages that are good for us vary from person to person. 

Enjoy your holiday and stay hydrated!






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