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Juice, juicier, watermelon!

Juice, juicier, watermelon!

 Watermelon season is around the corner and we can’t wait for our first juices and plates full of this sweet and utterly healthy delight! 

This delicious fruit is one of the most powerful cleansers in the fruitiverse, here is why: 

Watermelon cleanses the digestive tractand is the most hydrating fruit, with high amounts of bioactive trace minerals.

It is loaded with antioxidants and valuable electrolytes to support the brain. It contains high amounts of silica, one of the most beneficial components for skin, hair, nail and bone health, but also to help restore ligaments, tendons and connective tissue. Watermelon can help to thin blood, and is a great fruit to consume daily for anyone with kidney conditions or liver issues.

  🍉  helps with weight loss, and supports the lymphatic systemto flush out edemas. It also reduces inflammation and is highly alkalising.

 The rind of this precious fruit is one of the best sources of natural chlorophyll, if its organic, feel free to juice it!

Ideally have watermelon first, before any other foods in the morning.

 At Superboost.Me we have our big watermelon juice in the morning after our celery juice, or we enjoy a big plate of watermelon for breakfast.

Stay healthy and happy, and feel free to email us with topics you would like to read about in our weekly blog!

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