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Celery juice - the elixir of life!

Celery juice - the elixir of life!

Many of you have likely come across celery juice as a health elixir, brought to us by the author Anthony William. From Pharrell Williams to Robert de Niro, social media channels are full of testimonials by people who turned their health around with the Medical Medium information, and celery juice is one crucial part of it. 

Everyone, from toddler to grandparent will benefit greatly from this juice. I have been drinking it for four years now myself. 

Celery is actually not a vegetable, but a herb. By juicing it we get 500ml of a herbal extract, which can only be described as medicinal. 

This juice reduces inflammation and kills pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. It reduces bloating and digestive issues by raising hydrochloric acid in the stomach and increasing bile production.

It helps flushing toxins out of the liver and restores adrenal glands.
Celery juice also contains certain sodium cluster salts and powerful electrolytes which are great for the brain. 

At Superboost Me we all have our daily celery juice in the morning. Organic is great of course, otherwise the conventional celery is fine, just wash it well. 

Celery juice needs to be pure, nothing else added, not even water to unfold its full potential. 

The taste? You will get used to it ;)

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