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How to help hair loss

How to help hair loss

We all love healthy hair. Hair is beautiful, sensual, and part of how we express ourselves. We spend so much time and money on caring for our hair to keep it lustrous, thick and nourished. 

When we experience hair loss or thinning, it is difficult for both women and men. It makes us feel unattractive, sad and leaves us with so many questions as to why.

Hair loss has not really been understood and is often attributed to “stress” or “ageing”. But that explanation is not really conclusive, as we all know people who have stressful lives and still have a full set of hair. Or people who are older and still rock a luscious mane. 

It is critical for those who suffer from hair loss, to understand what really happens in the body. Once we understand the root cause, we can actually heal this condition and start re-growing healthy hair. 

The hormone that governs our hair growth, which keeps follies alive and stimulates hair growth, is located in the adrenal glands. These glands are also producing stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. If there is any circumstance or condition in life, that is causing an excess amount of stress hormones, this will affect the hormone that is responsible for hair follicles. Hair will then start to fall out and new hair growth stunts. 

What conditions cause excess adrenaline? Examples are:
- Long term stress
- Childbirth
- Trauma (loss or break ups/divorce)

But also viral infections such as Covid or Eppstein Barr lead to a surge in stress hormones, which affects the hair hormone. The effect of the affected hair hormone can take 3-4 months until the hair is falling out. It is hardly ever immediate. 

Another component playing into hair loss is the liver: a sluggish liver due to pathogens, toxins and heavy metals, in combination with a deficiency of the hair hormone, can lead to hairless too.

Caffeine is a garant for hairless over time. Caffeine keeps overstimulating the adrenal glands, which affects the hair hormone. 

Medical Medium recommended in a recent social media live, three key products to stimulate and recover hair growth: Ashwagandha, MSM and Nettle leaf.

Further helpful supplements for hair growth are: 

Lemon Balm Tea or Tincture
Barleygrass Juice Powder
Milk Thistle

Anthony William is sharing an entire protocol for hair loss in his New York times bestseller Cleanse to Heal, which helped so many people to restore their beautiful locks. You can find the book Cleanse To Heal in our online store! 

Foods that will help hair to regrow and stimulate the hormone responsible: 
 Kale stems
Sprouted lentils

ADRENAL SNACKS every 60-90 minutes: celery/apples/dates or bananas/red leaf lettuce/grapes etc are powerful measures to help restore the adrenal glands, and consequently the hormone for hair growth.

Hopefully this can inspire those that would like to restore their hair, healing is always possible with consistency and compassion. 


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